Reflexion Health raises $18m to develop virtual rehab


California-based digital health company Reflexion Health has raised $18 million in funding through a series B financing round, to fund development of its digital rehab software.

The company is known for its digital rehabilitation software platform VERA which part of the money raised will go towards developing, alongside a general expansion of its digital offerings portfolio.

VERA is combined with motion sensing camera technology built into Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect hardware to help with the rehabilitation of those in need of physical therapy following joint replacement surgery. Users perform exercises in accordance with those displayed on a monitor, which also displays a virtual avatar of the user.

The built in suite of exercises can be personalised by the patient’s clinician and can be altered in accordance with real-time data feedback from the motion sensing software. The system therefore allows doctors to monitor the progress of their patients without the need for a consultation.

"We are delighted with the progress in development and initial deployment of this innovative and much needed technology," said Dennis O'Brien of West Partners, Board Chair of Reflexion Health. "The team at Reflexion Health has re-imagined the delivery of rehabilitation, and built a digital health platform that places patients at the centre with a connected, convenient, and efficient home-based solution."

Reflexion Health president and CEO Joseph Smith also commented on the successful funding round: "With this level of funding, we have a very special opportunity to advance a solution that transforms and personalises clinical care in a way that saves everyone's time, travel, and costs while increasing patient engagement, compliance, and satisfaction.”

Reflexion is currently in talks with physicians across the US in an attempt to expand its use in post-joint replacement surgery rehabilitation. It has also been the recipient of a $1 billion grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to use the VERA platform in fall prevention in seniors.

Image courtesy of Reflexion Health.

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Marco Ricci

24 June, 2016