J&J, Merck and Lilly to collaborate on clinical trials database

Hannah Blake


J&amp,J’s Janssen, has announced its plans to collaborate with Merck and Lilly to establish a global cross-pharmaceutical database, designed to improve efficiencies of industry-sponsored clinical trials.

The initiative, called Investigator Databank, will serve as a one-stop repository where key information about clinical trial sites, such as infrastructure and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training records, is housed. The aim is to allow pharma to reduce time-consuming, and sometimes redundant, administrative tasks involved in identifying appropriate clinical trial sites. The databank will not include any patient data.

“The current clinical trial environment is inefficient, costly and unsustainable. The Investigator Databank can help expedite the process to achieve our most important goal – to deliver high-quality, effective novel medicines to the patients who are waiting for them. We are enthusiastic about working with other industry leaders to collectively apply our expertise, capabilities and shared passion for advancing science and improving lives.”

Andreas Koester, MD, PhD, Head, Clinical Trial Innovation/External Alliances, Janssen Research &amp, Development.

As many as 10,000 clinical investigators have been putting in their data into the Investigator Databank in order to collect feedback on the process, which was limited to just the three big pharma companies while still in initial stages. Now, Janssen, Merck and Lilly are inviting other pharma companies to add their own information to the databank.

This Janssen-led project will serve as a foundation for the TransCelerate BioPharma Inc initiative, which was launched earlier this year. TransCelerate is a collaboration of ten pharma companies, which aims to identify and overcome common drug development challenges in order to improve the quality of clinical studies and to bring new medicines to patients faster.




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