Promoting value-added medicines and renovating old medicines smartly

Market Access
pharmaphorum podcast episode 113a

In this new episode of the pharmaphorum podcast, host Nicole Raleigh speaks with James Burt, CEO of Pharmanovia, about the value-added medicines space.

Pharmanovia is a global pharmaceutical company that commercialises novel medicines and revitalises, extends, and expands the lifecycle of established medicines.

The technology is now out there to overcome barriers to old medicines and create value-added medicines: a garage of vintage cars, if you will, says Burt, with the technicians now available to adapt them to meet the emissions standards of tomorrow. After all, accountability towards ESG goals and net zero is of critical importance.

Emerging markets, in particular, promoting value-added medicines, renovating old medicines smartly is very much the appetite of health systems going forwards, for HCPs and for patients.

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*Disclaimer: This recording was intended for healthcare professionals only.*