How to solve a problem like DTx in Europe?

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How to solve a problem like DTx in Europe?

The promise of digital therapeutics (DTx) has been widely discussed and debated since the term first began to emerge back in the early 2010s. Yet, while these treatments show significant promise when it comes to improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs, they face several challenges in the European market.

This is not necessarily an unprecedented development. As with any innovation or invention, adoption across country borders comes hand in hand with fragmentation, as each individual government and regulator develops localised systems and standards to manage the use and development of a product or service.

But while many innovative concepts fall neatly into pre-defined categories (food is food, alcohol is alcohol, and so on), DTx is one of those unique developments that spans categories and, as such, pinning down an exact agreed-upon definition for DTx across European nations remains an ongoing challenge for developers and regulators.

In short, there is a clear need for harmonisation when it comes to improving market access for DTx. To find out more, Deep Dive editor Eloise McLennan sat down with Alberta Spreafico, global head of digital health & innovation strategy, senior director, global management team for the Healthware Group, to discuss the current landscape for DTx in Europe, and the work being done to help bring vital therapeutic options to patients.

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