The Economist's War on Cancer Europe 2018

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War On Cancer Europe 2018, is part of our global series to catalyse fresh debate around strengthening cancer control. The event will bring together clinicians, patients, service providers, industry representatives, employers and policymakers.

As the digital revolution accelerates, the opportunities for patients to take ownership of their diagnosis, treatments and oncology journey have grown. How will current data privacy laws such as GDPR impact patient treatments? How can stakeholders work collaboratively to ensure patient engagement is more than a moral imperative but a tool for driving progress in oncology care? Will increased patient access to data strengthen relationships with clinicians or create new tensions for care? What can be learned from regions in Europe like the Nordics, that are taking the lead on meaningful patient collaboration and engagement with emerging technologies? How can patient engagement strengthen drug discovery, R&D and regulation?

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Please note this event is certified by the CPD and eligible for 5.5 CPD points.