Multi-Functional Cell Therapies Summit

Multi-Functional Cell Therapies Summit

Advance Cutting-Edge Research and Development with Next-Generation Cell Therapies, to Deliver Best-in-Class Products to Patients in Need

Cell therapies hold life-saving potential for patients, and the race is on to develop a best-in-class, living, ‘thinking’ drugs. Relapse rates and barriers to solid tumor efficacy mean the cell therapy industry must innovate, now more than ever.

The inaugural Multi-Functional Cell Therapies Summit gathers the avantgarde to discuss strategies to weaponize cell therapies with antigenic, engineered and combination approaches to create sophisticated, multi-functional systems.

Join global innovators to:

MFCT Bullet Investigate and overcome relapse and resistance: leverage functional analysis, novel combination strategy, and dual-CAR approaches with Kite: A Gilead Company, In8bio and Leucid Bio Ltd.
MFCT BulletHarness the power of multiple cell types: from NK to gamma delta to TILs, using combination and hybrid modalities developed by Eureka Inc., NKarta Therapeutics and Iovance Biotherapeutics
MFCT BulletImplement logic and develop ‘decision-making’ cells: create robust, controllable activation in vivo with University of Pennsylvania and Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Lausanne

Hanson Wade

23 February, 2021