Hippo Pathway Targeted Drug Development Summit

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It has long been understood that the Hippo pathway plays a critical role in the development of a wide range of diseases. Although once seen as an elusive pathway, emerging novel data and research is forging a wider and more developed mechanistic understanding of it. New avenues have been opened to evolve the landscape of targetable nodes and therapeutic interventions, from small molecule approaches to novel modalities targeting the TEAD transcription complex.

With the clear therapeutic potential of this highly attractive and targetable pathway, investment, collaboration, and interest has flooded in through biopharma and academia – and what was once an unexploited space is now seeing an abundance of promising therapeutic interventions.

The inaugural Hippo Pathway Targeted Drug Development Summit has been established as the first and only industry dedicated forum focused on accelerating the mechanistic understanding and potential of the Hippo signaling pathway to enhance the discovery, translation, and clinical development of safe and effective drugs in oncology, regenerative medicine and beyond.

Uniting the leading minds of large pharma, biotech and academia, this unrivalled conference will showcase the pioneering discoveries, critical novel findings and promising clinical candidates drugging YAP, TAZ & TEAD transcription factors and other high-value targets within the Hippo pathway. With Keynote sessions from Ikena Oncology, Spring Works Therapeutics, Cedilla and Vivace Therapeutics, this is a unique opportunity to hear first-hand the development of novel YAP/TAZ-TEAD antagonists, from discovery to the clinic.

Over 80 key stakeholders from BridgeBio, Cancer Research UK, AstraZeneca, Orion Pharma, Faze Medicines, Inventiva, Zentalis Pharmaceuticals, Basilea Pharmaceuticals and many more have already confirmed their places as the industry continues to unlock critical pieces of the puzzle in the understanding and exploitation of this signaling pathway.

Together, we will unite to learn, debate, and discuss; leverage the therapeutic opportunity of this pathway; and critically address the huge unmet clinical need.

Download the full event guide here.

Hanson Wade

Hanson Wade

19 April, 2022