Epigenetic Therapeutic Targets Summit

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Join the Epigenetic Therapeutic Targets Summit – the only virtual summit dedicated to the clinical translation and optimization of therapeutic candidates targeting epigenetic mechanisms of gene expression. Hear the latest clinical advancements in therapeutic interventions targeting all areas of epigenetic machinery, including DNA methylation, histone post-translational modifications, chromatin remodelling and non-coding RNAs, with case studies specific to both the oncology and non-oncological fields.

The 3-day forum will cover the full breadth of epigenetic targets from quite established therapeutic modalities (HDAC, BET, DNMT, PNMT) to novel approaches (p300, LSD1, KAT6).

With case studies from candidates at all stages ranging from discovery to phase 3, the Epigenetic Therapeutic Targets Summit offers you the chance to find the answers to key questions including how to identify a rational MOA, what is the best way to approach combination therapy with an IO or non-IO therapeutic and what to look for as part of your toxicity and off target effects analysis.

For the full agenda and speaker faculty, click here.

Hanson Wade

Hanson Wade

11 March, 2021