Cell-Mediated Therapies for Infectious Disease Summit

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In the fight against emerging coronavirus variants and spike mutations, the need for long-lasting immunity is greater than ever. This is why the time is now to look beyond antibodies and capitalize on the long-term immune response of T cell therapies.

The Cell-Mediated Therapies for Infectious Disease Summit is the first and only meeting focused on novel technologies to drive a potent T-cell mediated attack against infectious disease epitopes, with the goal to achieve long-lasting immunity against SARS-CoV-2, HIV, and EBV.

Showcasing ground-breaking advances in NK, TCR, and CAR-T cell therapies, as well as comparing durability and breadth of the response of novel T-cell directed vaccines, join this meeting to progress your understanding of this new era of infectious disease therapy.

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Join the industry experts pioneering this new paradigm of treatment, including:

  • Xiaokui Zhang, CSO, Celularity
  • Catherine Bollard, Director, Center for Cancer and Immunology, Children’s National Medical Center
  • Wade Blair, Executive Director, Gilead Sciences
  • Roman Yelensky, EVP & CTO, Gritstone Oncology
  • Lucy Dorrell, Head of Disease Biology, Infectious Diseases, Immunocore
  • Bonnie Howell, Executive Director, Infectious Disease & Vaccines, Merck
  • Devon Shedlock, SVP, R&D, Poseida Therapeutics
  • Gavin MacBeath, CSO, TScan Therapeutics
  • Agnete Fredriksen, President & CSO, Vaccibody
  • Lenny Moise, Director, Vaccine Research, EpiVax

Download the program to see the full speaker faculty and their presentation abstracts

Be at the forefront of this evolving research and join this exclusive community to understand and enhance the natural T-cell response to develop durable, potent therapies for devastating infectious diseases.

Hanson Wade

Hanson Wade

23 March, 2021