2nd Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit

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Harnessing the Potential of Macrophage Therapies Using Small Molecule, Antibody & Cell Therapy based Approaches for Oncology and Beyond

The $4.9 billion acquisition of Forty Seven by Gilead is an example of the explosive excitement and investment into macrophage-directed therapies, utilizing CD47 checkpoint blockades, repolarization approaches and engineered macrophages, that we have witnessed in recent months.

The digital 2nd Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit (October 27-29) is a comprehensive industry focused meeting dedicated to advancing current CD47 and CAR-macrophage therapies alongside the new and exciting macrophage targets being identified and studied.

View the full event guide to see all the leading speakers and their agenda sessions.

Some highlights on the 2020 agenda:

  • Nicholas Poirier, Chief Scientific Officer, OSE Immunotherapeutics will explore a novel ‘don’t eat me’ target regulating macrophages phagocytosis and dendritic cell antigen presentation
  • Michael Klichinsky, Co-Founder & VP, Discovery, Carisma Therapeutics will discuss genetically engineering CAR macrophages & CAR monocytes
  • Yang Liu, Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer, Oncoimmune will explore the CD24–Siglec-10 pathway as a novel innate immune checkpoint to modulate anti-tumor immunity
  • Gloria Lin, Associate Director of Translational Research, Trillium Therapeutics Inc will reveal emerging clinical data on SIRPaFc decoy receptors that neutralize the suppressive effects of CD47

To see the full speaker line up, download the full agenda

We are excited to bring the community back together at the virtual Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit to advance the fundamental understanding of macrophage biology, avoiding on-target toxicities and the emerging field of macrophage cellular immunotherapy. 

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Hanson Wade

Hanson Wade

19 August, 2020