The rise of tech bio: Powering life science innovation

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Tech bio is a growing field that leverages data and technology to improve, enhance, and accelerate life science processes. 

From streamlining R&D workflows and collaboration with data-driven software platforms, to building tools that make the development of new therapies possible, to empowering more efficient and inclusive clinical trials, companies in the tech bio space are laying the foundations for a new era of life science and digital technology innovations. 

The tech bio trend shows particular promise in the UK, where organisations are exploring ways to build and incorporate novel solutions that streamline or enhance drug discovery and development.  

This white paper – The Rise of Tech Bio: Powering Life Science Innovation with Data and Technology – explores the ways in which tech bio is transforming the life science industry. Leaders from Bruntwood SciTech and three UK-based companies at the forefront of data-driven life science innovation share their perspectives on how tech bio has advanced their businesses, how the sector has grown in recent years, and why the UK is well-positioned as a hub for tech bio going forward.

Read on as Dr Kath Mackay (director of life sciences, Bruntwood SciTech), Dr David Bardsley, PhD (commercial director, Elixir Software), Dr Samson Rogers (co-founder and CEO, Cellular Highways), and Jonathan Wogel (CEO, NorthWest EHealth) share their reflections on tech bio’s impact thus far, and where they expect to see exciting developments in the future. 

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