Reuters Pharma Europe 2024 – Day Two

Reuters Pharma Europe 2024 – Day Two

And we’re live on site all day again on Day Two of Reuters Pharma Europe 2024 in Barcelona. Following on from yesterday’s insights and networking, today holds in store a further multi-track platter of presentations to look forward to.

From launch strategy and commercializing gene therapy to digital tools and the dying hype over GenAI, to a data-driven Medical Affairs future and unveiling the patient-centric paradigm, as well as contemplation of how to mend a broken health system – Day Two is sure to offer a little something for everyone.

Keep an eye on this page for updates from web editor Nicole Raleigh and Deep Dive editor Eloise McLennan throughout the day (and after, for post-event reminder of the coverage!).

Day One’s coverage can be found here.