The precision element at the heart of digital transformation

pharmaphorum podcast episode 87a

On the final day of Reuters Pharma Barcelona back in March, web editor Nicole Raleigh sat down with Graphite Digital’s CEO, Rob Verheul. The company – which has been working in the industry for 13 years now – has most recently been focusing on HCP engagement at a global scale, through use of digital channels.

With digital transformation on the agenda – a key priority alongside patient centricity – Verheul spoke about the insights gleaned from digital health conversations at the event. This being the first year that Reuters ran a digital health track, it’s clear that the changes going on are really bearing fruit and businesses are taking digital seriously, rather than holding it at novelty remove.

The context of digital health broad as it is, with digital therapeutics the precision element at the middle of it all, they also talked about the challenges – Pear Therapeutics inclusive. But as much as it might set the industry back, it’s clear that timing is crucial. A lot of questions are still to be asked about the commercial model and regulatory around DTx, and it is yet early days, after all.

Also touching upon the topic of AI and working towards the wellness factor when it comes to patients, at the end of the day the collaboration of medicine and digital can only lead to better future health benefits, with a mindset shift from product-centricity to customer-centricity enabling that: user experience is key for driving positive outcomes for patients. An encouraging (and exciting) conversation indeed.

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