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The best drug, in the best container, with the best delivery device is useless if the patient does not take the medication in line with the appropriate regimen. Lack of adherence not only costs pharmaceutical companies $564B in revenue each year, $188B in U.S. alone, but it is also one of the main drivers behind poor patient outcomes.

The reduced dose frequency of biologics, the increasing complexity of new and existing treatments, and the shift to more choice and decision-making responsibility residing with patients and payers means innovation in drug delivery is key to overcoming barriers to adherence and improving patient outcomes.

Hear from West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.'s Chris Evans and HealthPrize Technologies' Katrina Firlik on how their organisations are collaborating to provide an end-to-end connected health solution that tracks, educates, motivates and engages patients to increase adherence and medical literacy and rewards them for compliance with their prescribed regimen.

This exclusive webinar focuses on three key areas:

  • How to help overcome potential user-based and device-based contributors to patient non-adherence
  • How to improve adherence and patient engagement with a proven behavioral-economics based programme including rewards and gamification
  • How to leverage a 'connected' patient ecosystem, including drug delivery devices, to capture data and insights on patient adherence for analytics


The live broadcast took place on Tuesday, October 20. To view the on-demand version, please click here or on the webinar widget below.



Chris Evans, Vice President, Research & Innovation, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Chris is Vice President of Research & Innovation for West’s Pharmaceutical Delivery Systems business and has been in product development for over 20 years, primarily in healthcare packaging/device development.
He is responsible for new product and technology development, focusing on enhancing the patient experience. He also manages West’s Connected Health Initiative and the ongoing strategic alliance between West and Insight.
The holder of 19 U.S. patents with several more pending, during his first decade in the business he concentrated on the manufacturing, engineering and commercialization of new products. Since then he has principally worked more on the ‘front-end’ of innovation, managing teams for discovery/user research, human-factors, conceptual and intellectual property development.


Katrina Firlik, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, HealthPrize Technologies

Dr. Katrina Firlik is co-founder and chief medical officer of HealthPrize Technologies. Prior to founding HealthPrize, Katrina was a neurosurgeon in private practice at Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut, and on the clinical faculty at Yale University School of Medicine. In addition to her scientific publications, Katrina is the author of Another Day in the Frontal Lobe:  A Brain Surgeon Exposes Life on the Inside. Twitter: @KatrinaFirlik


Paul Tunnah, CEO, pharmaphorum

Paul Tunnah is CEO and Founder of pharmaphorum media, which facilitates productive engagement for pharma, bringing healthcare together to drive medical innovation. It combines industry-leading content and social media engagement services with the globally recognised news, information and insight portal pharmaphorum.com, working with pharmaceutical companies, service providers and broader healthcare organisations to help communicate their thought leadership and connect them with relevant stakeholders.


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3 September, 2015