What is the state of healthcare customer data in pharma? Have your say

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Healthcare customer reference data is the fuel that powers pharmaceutical commercial operations. But does the life sciences industry have the right data foundation to take full advantage of digital channels and artificial intelligence?

In its latest European Customer Reference Data Survey, Veeva will examine the current state of customer data and is seeking input from life sciences industry executives on their experiences and opinions.

To recognise their contribution to this important piece of pharmaceutical industry research, the company will make a €10 donation to The European Society for Paediatric Oncology (SIOPE) for each full survey completed.

The short 6-minute survey will build up a detailed picture of how customer reference data is perceived within pharma companies and what governance and quality challenges organisations face.

The goal of the research is to understand the priorities, drivers, barriers, and progress towards accurate quality customer reference data and its role in digital transformation and advancing the business.

It will offer additional clarity and actionable intelligence for pharma companies that are increasingly being challenged to achieve multichannel excellence through a real-time view of their customers, while also effectively managing sales execution.

All responses to Veeva’s European Customer Reference Data Survey will be treated in the strictest confidence and reported in aggregate form only, and Life sciences industry executives that contribute to it will receive both preliminary and full research findings from the full survey.

The survey can be accessed here or by clicking on the buttons above or below.