Healthcare’s hype cycle: which technologies will stay the course?

The market is noisy with technological advancements presenting opportunities of all shapes and sizes. But where should pharma invest to remain at the forefront of healthcare into the future?

Tangible progress over the last decade has come through the realisation of the promise of the information age. Data capture, analytics and subsequent insights drive innovation in almost every field.

And now healthcare has started to catch up. The Internet of Things (IoT) allows the collection and collation of a plethora of data, Mobile Health (mHealth) is enabling the role of the ‘patient expert’ and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finding new and exciting applications.

With the patent cliff approaching for more than 150 big brands over the next 10 years (affecting $190 billion in brand name sales), how will pharma remain at the forefront, while investing wisely?

In his feature article in the latest edition of Deep Dive: Future Pharma, Dolan Desai of Blue Latitude investigates the prospects for new health technologies.

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