Just launched! The Inaugural ADC Payload Summit - Boston, MA

The Inaugural ADC Payload Summit banner

A brand-new event has just launched in the renowned World ADC Series – the inaugural ADC Payload Summit is taking place this May in Boston (21-23)!

The ADC payload landscape is shifting rapidly. Driven by clinical successes of lower potency topoisomerase I inhibitors and as payloads that elicit novel modes of action continue to gain momentum, ADC developers are looking to harness novel payload technologies to expand the toolkit of ADC payloads to improve efficacy, diversify MoA and expand the therapeutic application of ADCs.

This one-of-a-kind event is dedicated solely to ADC payload content to provide an in-depth dive into optimizing traditional payloads and exploring novel payloads, that will provide you with the knowhow to make the biggest impact on your ADCs therapeutic index through your payload R&D.

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This purpose-built agenda will equip you to:

  • Build upon successes from lower potency topoisomerase payloads and explore novel camptothecin analogues to develop the next-generation of Dxd and Exatecans with Sutro Biopharma and the NIH
  • Explore the most promising novel payload classes including NMT Inhibitors and protein degrader conjugate to expand ADC payload toolkits with Myricx Bio, Merck KGaA and Orum Therapeutics
  • Master the impact of payload structure on your linker and conjugation technologies to optimize your payload release and stability and widen your therapeutic index with Tubulis and Takeda
  • Widen the mechanism of action of your ADC as novel payloads take centre stage as Institut Paoli-Calmettes and Heidelberg Pharma discuss nonclinical efficacy data of a KIF20A Inhibitor and how to inhibit RNA-polymerase II through an amanitin payload

Uncover the full list of world-class speakers and 3 days’ worth of sessions here

As everybody looks to pioneer their own topoisomerase payload, and with a flurry of deals and partnerships accelerating novel payload development forward, there hasn’t been a more exciting time to join 60+ ADC payload enthusiasts.

21 February, 2024