5th Gene Therapy Immunogenicity Summit

5th Gene Therapy Immunogenicity Summit banner

Unlock a deeper understanding of the full spectrum of immune responses to gene therapies by addressing the impact of the viral vector and transgene to eliminate the bottlenecks hindering the development of safer and more effective gene therapies.

The 5th Gene Therapy Immunogenicity Summit is returning to Boston this August, bringing together the teams responsible for predicting, measuring, and mitigating immune response across clinical development, translational medicine, bioanalysis, toxicology, non-clinical safety, and more.

Across 3 days, 80+ immunogenicity experts meeting under one roof, giving the community a chance to share learnings and gain key insights on effective approaches to progressing gene therapies into and through the clinic.

Download the full event guide here to access the comprehensive 3-day agenda.

Tackle complex immunogenicity challenges resulting from AAV vector administration:

  • Predicting and mitigating against complement activation and other toxicity issues to produce safe and effective gene therapies
  • Validating novel immunoassays, bioanalytical and biodistribution technology
  • Understanding possible risks around exacerbation of both the innate and adaptive immune response
  • Exploring the practicalities of AAV redosing through an immunology lens
  • Creating an appropriate companion diagnostic in line with regulatory body expectations

Join your peers for case-study-led examples, ask the big-hitting immunology questions to those actively working in the space, and make clinically safe and effective gene therapies a reality.

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