3rd Synthetic Biology-Based Therapeutics Summit

3rd Synthetic Biology-Based Therapeutics Summit

The 3rd Synthetic Biology-Based Therapeutics Summit is a platform uniting academia, engineers, and drug developers working towards increased specificity, durability and potency.

Covering all the hottest applications from cell and gene therapy, mRNA based therapies and the microbiome with workshops, panels, case studies and clinical updates, this summit encapsulates the forefront of engineered biology.

Join us to gain valuable insights on synthetic cytokines, gene circuitry, AI-driven protein design, enhanced gene engineering, and the groundbreaking world of engineered biology from our expert speaker faculty spanning the likes of Arsenal Bio, Synlogic, Senti Bio, Replay Bio, Gingko Bioworks, BMS, Merck, Kite Pharma, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Strand Therapeutics, and more. 

View the event guide here: https://ter.li/bx0ehb 

Synthetic Biology Based Therapeutics Summit
18 September, 2023