3rd Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit

3rd Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit

Accelerate Next Generation RNAs into Safe & Effective Clinical Candidates with Therapeutic Potentials Across All Diseases by Overcoming Quality, Stability, & Large-Scale Manufacturing Hurdles

Back for a third year, the 3rd Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit returns to Boston this May 2024 to cover the depth and breadth of the next generation of RNAs, including circular RNA, self-amplifying RNA and beyond from discovery to clinic and towards scalable manufacturing, unlocking the huge therapeutic and commercial potential of this emerging class of modalities.

Download the agenda here: https://ter.li/barcyn 

Addressing key challenges such as sequence design, purity, stability, safety and translatability into clinical settings, this meeting is your only industry-dedicated forum to delve into emerging technologies, the latest data packages and future directions to develop targeted, functional and efficacious first-in-class next generation RNA therapies. 

Immerse yourself in 20+ brand-new case studies, an investment and collaboration fireside chat, and 3 interactive workshops as we hear from 22+ leading minds in the space from the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Orbital Therapeutics, Pfizer, Laronde and more.

Secure your place: https://ter.li/gmcz2m

3rd Next Generation RNA Therapeutics Summit
8 December, 2023