Piecing Together the KOL Puzzle

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Do you know who your KOLs are? Of course you do!

But knowing who your KOLs are is only one part of the puzzle. Because people change, ideas wax and wane, and medicine moves on relentlessly every single day. And shouldn’t your KOL list reflect this?

So, consider some other parts of the puzzle:

  • Validating your lists on a regular basis and getting a “sense check” from an external unbiased point of view to see who new should be added to the list, who should be removed, who has moved up or down
  • Segmenting your KOLs based on a host of different parameters which will all ultimately enable better cooperation from all sides e.g. their interests, their digital footprint, how they want to work with you, how they perceive themselves and others, how quickly they can reach other HCPs through non-traditional media, etc.
  • Tracking their mindset, attitudes, beliefs over time and seeing how those change in response to new entrants, new data, new therapeutic issues, new diagnostic techniques, etc., effectively monitoring the evolution of thought
  • Keeping your pipeline flowing with new experts and leaders to help you effectively communicate your scientific proposition to HCPs, so that you don’t keep going back to the same people for the same things over and over again

All of the above go beyond just “knowing who your KOLs are”. Because only when all the parts of the puzzle are in place can you see the full KOL picture.

Omabuwa Tetsola

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Omabuwa Tetsola

29 July, 2019