2018 Agenda Released: World CNS Summit

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Transforming Discovery & Translational Research
Into Disease Modifying Therapeutics

The last 12 months have seen the neurodegenerative community make numerous strides into understanding these disorders. However, 2017 has been a rocky journey, particularly so for Alzheimer’s Disease, adding weight to the growing concern as to whether there is a fundamental flaw in our understanding of the disease, its mechanisms or our path to targeting it.

As Program Director & Researcher for the World CNS Summit 2018, I invite you to join a truly diverse group of professionals from biopharmaceutical, technology and academic institutions in paving the path forward for neurodegenerative therapeutics.

Focused specifically on the translational barriers in neurodegenerative R&D, this is an opportunity to look beyond A-Beta Tauthe and other classical targets of neurodegeneration. It will highlight foundational research into promising targets, such as neuroinflammation and the strategic approaches to modulate these.

Join over 60 biopharmaceutical organizations and harness new innovations to tackle the challenges at the crux of your pipeline. Redefine the use of preclinical models of neurodegeneration, enhance their application in your translational research and advance translational biomarker discovery - from target engagement to disease progression.

Visit the website: http://bit.ly/2hNviNI
View the agenda and speakers: http://bit.ly/2zWR1Hl

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can email me on info@hansonwade.com and I will respond to your enquiry within 48 hours.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Adam Cohen MSc
Program Director & Researcher
World CNS Series

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20 November, 2017