Navigating your way to insights driven customer relationships


The Life Sciences industry is under increasing pressure on numerous fronts, and the efficiency and efficacy of the sales process continues to be a focus for improvements.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems play a pivotal role in shaping these processes. In the age of data intelligence, innovative companies are looking at how they can chart a new course, with the objective of moving from “digital diaries” that record staff activity towards predictive, pro-active systems that help field teams better identify the next best opportunity.

“Navigating your way to insights-driven customer relationships” is a new report from Zephyr Health, published in conjunction with pharmaphorum, which surveyed over 100 frontline sales reps and strategic managers to gain an accurate picture of their perspective when it came to the potential of today’s CRM solutions as a strategic planning and analytical tool.

Read more in our report highlighting the underlying desire of Life Sciences professionals to have solutions that serve as a guide through the often complex sales process of today’s industry.