Healthcare in the Digital Age

With increasing workloads piling the pressure onto physicians and health services, the role that pharmaceutical companies play in helping doctors to deliver effective and affordable treatments must adapt and evolve if brands are to continue to be seen as valued partners in the healthcare stakeholder paradigm.

Thankfully, physicians and other healthcare providers (HCPs) are already turning to technology as a means to alleviate the pressure. Increasingly, HCPs rely on email, online forums, mobile technology and other forms of electronic communication to supplement traditional information streams and seek out knowledge and assistance.

“Healthcare in the Digital Age” is a new report published by M3 (EU) uncovering the current technological trends that HCPs are already embracing. Through careful research, including a survey of 100 UK doctors, analysis of third party data, and a series of investigative interviews, the report identifies:

  • The key pain points for physicians, including why face to face meetings are becoming harder to secure
  • The most common channels and user preferences of technology for UK doctors
  • The primary opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to engage with HCPs in a meaningful way
  • The DOs and DON’Ts of digital communication with HCPs

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