Doctors on the front line of healthcare evolution – Whitepaper – The digital health debate

Advances in digital technology have become ubiquitous within healthcare, bringing about breakthroughs in diagnosis, new treatment options and at the same time heralding the expansion of companies usually associated with technology into the market place.

Enter Google Health, Apple Health, and Microsoft HealthVault. These major players are accompanied by IBM with ‘Watson’, a new cognitive system that processes information more like a human than a computer. IBM claim Watson will be able to ‘see’ medical images once its advanced image analytics and cognitive capabilities are merged with a newly acquired medical imaging management platform.

The potential for these new and symbiotic relationships is vast and doctors are at the heart of it. As such, they are well placed to report from the front line on how digital advances are impacting healthcare quality and efficiency, and how these developments can potentially help them to make better patient care decisions.

This report is a summary of findings from Cello Health Insight’s 2015 research survey of doctors across eight markets; including the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the US, China and Brazil. The research explores the ways in which doctors are interacting with digital communication channels and digital devices in the workplace – focusing on how they are using these to exchange information and communicate with peers, pharmaceutical sales representatives, and of course with their patients.

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