The Healthcare Meetings Forum 2013

Healthcare meetings are experiencing a time of change, as new compliance regulations, the rise of digital and the flexing needs of healthcare providers force adaptation. This has raised concerns across all those involved – healthcare providers, agencies, venues and the pharma industry about the future of this space, which the 2013 Healthcare Meetings Forum sought to address.

Within the current dynamic market environment, concerns have been raised about the future of the space, as medical societies strive to keep pace with the change and the pharma industry assesses the benefits of sponsorship. The 2013 Healthcare Meetings Forum brought all stakeholders together to debate the key issues and understand what solutions are emerging. This white paper provides an overview of the event, major points from each session and overall conclusions.

Download this white paper to:

• Understand what factors are driving the evolution of healthcare meetings.

• Read how compliance and multi-channel marketing is impacting meetings.

• Appreciate the common ground for healthcare providers and corporates.

• Explore the future of healthcare meetings and necessary adaptation.

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