Empowering the carer within health and social care

As the UK health and social care systems look to improve patient services in the primary care setting, attention must turn to how carers, an army of around 6.5 million unpaid contributors, can be better supported. In this white paper, Boehringer Ingelheim LTD assesses their challenges and presents a blueprint for better carer support, with special emphasis on what pharmaceutical companies can bring to the table.

Within the UK, it is calculated that there are more than 6.5 million carers, who support patients on a daily basis with extremely limited support, and often with substantive impact on their own lives. Despite strong moves by the Government to put the patient at the centre of care, the carers themselves remain a neglected group. A new support system for carers is therefore needed, which coordinates input from across health and social care, but also allows the pharmaceutical industry to contribute, leading to better outcomes on all sides.

Download this white paper to:

• Understand the importance of carers in the UK health and social care systems.

• Appreciate the challenges faced by carers physically, psychologically and financially.

• Explore a blueprint for new support systems, within which pharma plays a key role.

• Read direct commentary from a carer and leader of a carers association.

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