Available on demand: Demand Assessment Research in pharma: adopting insights from behavioural economics


Over the past 20 years, behavioural economics has identified factors that influence and determine how people behave, including alternative decision-making pathways and many cognitive biases and heuristics. Taking account of these helps to build a clear view of how healthcare customers think and behave in relation to your product in the real world.

Listen to our one-hour masterclass exploring ‘quantitative demand assessment research’ – what it is and how insights from behavioural economics can improve the application of this important tool in pharmaceutical market research. The masterclass will:

  • Introduce demand assessment research and why it is important to healthcare market research
  • Discuss how insights from behavioural economics can improve quantitative demand assessment market research
  • Highlight a range of techniques using behavioural economics that help you build a more accurate picture of your customers and market.

The live webinar took place on Wednesday 16 November at 15.00 GMT/16.00 CET. To view this webinar on demand, please click here or on the button above/below.


dumu-reducedDuncan Munro, Head of IQ Practice, Cello Health Insight
Duncan has worked in international healthcare market research since 1999 and for the past ten years he has specialized in quantitative research. He is a highly experienced researcher and has worked across a broad range of therapy areas, including rheumatology, dermatology, oncology, diabetes, aesthetics and medical device research. Duncan is skilled in selecting and designing appropriate quantitative methodologies and in communicating quantitative research results for a broad audience. The types of research that excite him most are actionable segmentation, realistic demand assessment (including a variety of conjoint and trade-off approaches) and multiple stakeholder pricing research.


Andrew McConaghie, Managing Editor, pharmaphorum (moderator)
Andrew is pharmaphorum’s managing editor, feature media. He writes on a range of topics covering pharmaceutical and biotech R&D, marketing and market access, and issues affecting patients and global healthcare systems, especially the UK’s NHS.