Can pharma ever be a genuine partner to the NHS?


The Cancer Vanguard is a bold initiative setup to take leadership in the delivery of the National Cancer Strategy – Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes published in 2015 with a key aim of designing and implementing new and increasingly patient-centric models of care in cancer that can benefit and be adopted by the wider national cancer system.

In summer 2016, the Cancer Vanguard medicines optimisation team launched the ‘Pharma Challenge’ as an opportunity for the pharma and life sciences industry to identify innovative ways in which it could work in partnership with the NHS to improve the effective use of NHS resources, enhance the NHS’ understanding of the patient experience and make medicines optimisation part of routine practice. Four projects were taken forward, including a partnership between the Cancer Vanguard, QuintilesIMS, Merck and uMotif.

This unique example of partnership working across the health system is focussed on the service at large, not just the pill, and uses leading-edge data analytics to analyse, benchmark and visualise the current state of the cancer pathways within the Cancer Vanguard Trusts. Furthermore, it encompasses multiple aspects of the service provision ranging from patient outcomes and experiences, the flow of treatment and the usage of medicine in order to inform an evidence-based and patient-centric approach to service redesign and resource optimisation.

In this webinar, QuintilesIMS in partnership with pharmaphorum have assembled some of the leaders from the Cancer Vanguard project to explain how this innovative partnership between the pharmaceutical industry and the Cancer Vanguard was enabled and how through this collaboration the pharmaceutical industry is able to be a true partner in the development of new models of care.

Key themes

  • How can the pharmaceutical industry engage with the NHS in a genuine partnership?
  • How can pharmaceutical companies benefit from investing their time to help the NHS to deliver their efficiency programmes and new models of care?
  • How can the Cancer Vanguard use data driven insights to improve care?
  • How does the Cancer Vanguard point to pharma supporting positive patient outcomes via innovative uses of data and technology?
  • Can NHS-pharma relations move on from medicines optimisation to partnership of pathway optimisation?

Why watch the webinar?

The webinar brings together key stakeholders from the NHS, pharma industry and QuintilesIMS, who provide data, analysis and policy insights to provide a clear picture of what will be a highly influential pilot of new models of care for the health service.

The live webinar takes place on Tuesday 26 September at 12.30 BST/13.30 CEST. To register to view the webinar, please click here or on the button above/below.


  • Steve Jowett, Country lead for Health System Engagement, QuintilesIMS
  • Rob Duncombe, Chief Pharmacist, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust


Paul TunnahPaul Tunnah, CEO, pharmaphorum
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