Available on-demand: Is pharma brand marketing dead?

While pharma observers speculate on the death of outdated drug discovery and sales models, some critical wounds to brand marketing have been largely ignored. But in the new multistakeholder-driven environment that requires brands to stay one step ahead, we explore whether pharma marketing can adapt around the right approach to address unrealized brand opportunity or whether it will it face extinction. Is brand marketing dead?

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Paul Tunnah, CEO of pharmaphorum, moderated the discussion led by Mark Sales, Head of Global Brand & Customer Experience at Kantar Health, Ian Vessey, Director at Premark and Nick May, an industry veteran with experience within both Pfizer and leading communications providers. The webinar is highly interactive, featuring brief presentations from all participants, followed by audience questions and polls.

Originally broadcast on 22-Oct-2014


Mark Sales, Head of Global Brand & Customer Experience, Kantar Health

Mark has worked with most of the world’s leading healthcare brands and is an industry expert in brand marketing, stakeholder management, the new commercial model and digital healthcare programs.



Ian Vessey, Associate Director at Premark Services & former Commercial Lead, Anti-Infectives at Novartis

Ian has extensive experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. His career began with a focus on the UK market and he later moved to global roles spanning sales, marketing and management. Most recently, he has specialised in providing early commercial input into development projects covering a diverse range of disease areas. He strongly believes that leveraging the commercial / R&D interface is critical to realising the full value of pharma assets. Ian holds a degree in Microbiology & Biochemistry from the University of Sheffield.


Nick May, Independent

Nick has been deeply involved with all aspects of marketing and communications in the healthcare market for more than four decades. His career started with 17 years at Pfizer spanning various sales and marketing roles, where he led engagement with different stakeholders around brand marketing. During the last 25 years Nick has led international teams in communications on the agency side, most recently leading EMEA health for HK Strategies and advocate relations at Sudler & Hennessey.


Dr Paul Tunnah, CEO, pharmaphorum

Paul founded pharmaphorum in 2009, with the belief that greater interaction between the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare stakeholders was critical to its future success. Prior to this, he has worked in a range of roles covering early drug discovery through to marketing consultancy, working with most of the major global pharmaceutical companies. Paul holds a BA in Biochemistry and DPhil in Biological Sciences from Oxford University.


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