Social pharma faces: Matt Lowe

Paul Tunnah interviews Matt Lowe


So far in our series of interviews we have heard from two social media experts working on the consulting / agency side of the industry. Gary Monk and Ángel González both presented their views on how pharma should be engaging through new digital channels to reach healthcare providers and patients. Their views echo a growing wave of appreciation for the value that online social media can deliver to both pharma and its customers, whilst safely operating within the rules.

However, the view from within pharma still presents a different perspective, with only a small number of companies forging ahead with true two-way engagement and social interaction online. The regulators have yet to issue formal guidance on what is acceptable or not within this space and despite some suggestions that pharma can take the lead and operate within existing rules, many marketers are nervous to take that first step.

In an enlightening discussion with Matt Lowe from Grünenthal, pharmaphorum heard the perspective first-hand on digital marketing and social media from within the walls of a pharma company. During our discussion, Matt talks of the great opportunities digital presents for broader engagement and ongoing feedback, whilst also highlighting some areas that he sees as “no go” areas right now due to the risks on all sides.

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About the interviewee:

Matt Lowe is Brand Manager at Grunenthal.

Can pharma safely facilitate third-party dialogue online?