Social pharma faces: Marc Monseau

Rebecca Aris interviews Marc Monseau

MDM Communications LLC

In our latest “pharma social faces” pharmaphorum speaks with Marc Monseau who speaks from his experience from working within J&amp,J and also from setting up his own consultancy firm.

During our discussion we explore social media use within pharma, the potential of the latest tool networking google + and what Marc feels needs to change in order for pharma to fully embrace social media.

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0:15 – Marc’s background and current role.

4:45 – Marc’s key considerations for pharma companies when launching social media campaigns.

6:59 – What Marc thinks need to change in order for pharma to fully embrace social media.

9:41 – Digital campaigns within pharma that Marc deems to be a success.

11:59 – The most common mistakes that Marc has observed in social media use within healthcare.

14:36 – The opportunities Marc identifies for pharma for using Google +.

17:16 – Where social media use is heading within pharma.

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About the interviewee:

Marc Monseau is the founder of MDM Communications LLC. He has extensive experience managing various communications programs and initiatives involving both traditional media as well as different digital and social media platforms, most recently leading a number of efforts within Johnson &amp, Johnson to create a digital and social media presence for that 125-year-old corporation. His goal is to continue to draw upon his expertise and skills to lead teams to develop new and appropriate approaches to connect and work with people both online and offline.

Is social media too often viewed in isolation?