Social pharma faces: Kai Gait

Rebecca Aris interviews Kai Gait

Global Digital Marketing Lead

The latest in our social pharma faces interview series sees us speaking with digital marketing professional, Kai Gait. Kai offers a wealth of knowledge from his proven record of success in the development of online strategies and campaigns coupled with expertise in global and local market digital marketing campaigns.

Kai highlights how social media campaigns represent a move from pharma’s traditional ‘campaign’ model and amove towards continuous engagement. This newer thinking enables the constant engagement that healthcare professionals and members of the public are seeking.

Kai also points out that the opportunity afforded by social media to communicate with your audience with a variety of channels is made redundant without a clear understanding of your customers needs.

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About the interviewee:

Kai began his digital marketing career in 1997 with his own consultancy developing online strategies for businesses making their first steps onto the internet, winning several awards in the process. Pharmaceutical experience was gained with AstraZeneca as Global eCommunications Manager, Organon and Schering-Plough as the Head of Multi-Channel Marketing and more recently GlaxoSmithKline as Digital Commerce Marketing Manager to deliver their integrated digital strategy, helping driving the business in a highly restricted and competitive environment.

You can hear Kai speak at the upcoming Digipharm 2011 event – Europe’s largest Digital Marketing conference for pharmaceutical marketing and communications professionals.

How can we better understand our customer needs?