Physician perspectives: Bryan Vartabedian

Hannah Blake interviews Bryan Vartabedian

Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, USA

Our November physician perspectives interview is with Bryan Vartabedian, physician at America’s largest children’s hospital in Texas about his thoughts on how social media has revolutionised the pharma industry.

Continuing our physician perspectives series, where we interview healthcare professionals about how the rise in social media has affected their role, we speak with Bryan Vartabedian, paediatric gastroenterologist and author of the blog,

Bryan began blogging back in 2006, after writing a book called Colic Solved, but at the time there were no social media channels to promote his book though. A few years later, Bryan started using Facebook and Twitter, and then in 2009, set up as a way of discussing some of the challenges physicians are currently facing at the intersection between healthcare and social media.

Bryan shares with us his thoughts on how social media has revolutionised the pharma industry and influenced both doctors and patients.

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00:15 – Bryan explains his background and current role as a paediatric gastroenterologist.

00:40 – What inspired him to set up his blog,

01:33 – Bryan’s thoughts on how social media has revolutionised the pharma industry.

02:17 – The ways in which social media has influenced both doctors and patients.

03:01 – How Bryan uses Twitter to get his messages across.

04:02 – Bryan’s views on how pharma and physicians can better engage with one another.

05:25 – How the rise in personalised medicine could affect physicians.

06:26 – The ways in which Bryan can see pharma and social media evolving in the future.

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About the interviewee:

Bryan Vartabedian is the Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston and attending physician at Texas Children’s Hospital, America’s largest children’s hospital. Present in the health blogosphere since 2006, Bryan’s been an active witness to the social health revolution and its influence on doctors and patients. He writes about the intersection of medicine, social media and technology on his blog,

Bryan has served as a consultant to a number of healthcare start ups and has independently advised healthcare organizations and national physician groups in the area of social policy and strategy. As an active speaker in the area of social media, technology and the future of medicine, Bryan has addressed numerous organizations including the ACP, AGA, AAMC, Stanford Summit / Medicine 2.0 Congress, and the Mayo Clinic Transform Conference, on issue of MDs in the social space.

How do you use social media channels to get your message across?