Patient perspectives: Jody Schoger

Paul Tunnah interviews Jody Schoger

You may think that use of the internet by patients for support and information is a relatively recent phenomenon, but speaking with Jody Schoger we found that such online interaction has been around for a while. Jody is a breast cancer survivor and avid blogger, providing support to other women who are battling cancer, those who have beaten the disease and those who support them through her site Women with Cancer.

During our interview, we spoke at length about the patient journey right from that very first diagnosis, to understand where they find information, what support is provided and how well they understand the input of the pharma industry. Our conversation highlighted real areas of need from Jody’s perspective around better communication between pharma and the patient, better support post-diagnosis and improved efforts to communicate drug benefits and support patients when it comes to access issues.

The full interview is around 30’ long, but it’s worth taking the time to listen to, especially if you work within pharma in the oncology space – Jody has some great observations and they’re all given for free!

Note that in relation to the discussion of Avastin access in the US, this interview was recorded in late September 2011.

Click on the play button below to watch the video.

Note: For the eagle-eyed we know the picture flickers every now and then, but we found what Jody had to say so interesting that you probably won’t even notice!

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About the interviewee:

JODY SCHOGER is a writer and cancer advocate with more than 25 years of experience in public relations and communications in health care, science and education. A featured columnist for OncologyTimes, she is also the creator of the popular “BreastCancerSocialMedia” (#BCSM) tweetchat for breast cancer survivors and the respected WomenWithCancer blog. Following her own diagnosis with a locally advanced breast cancer in l998, she has since devoted her energy to free-lance writing and helping other cancer survivors. Jody has served as a grant reviewer for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, is a member of the Breast Health Collaborative of Texas, serves on the American Society of Breast Surgeons’ Board of Advocates and is a faculty member of the Life Beyond Cancer’s survivorship conference. She has been quoted in USA Today and been a featured guest several times on the SIRUS program “Doctor Radio.”

How can pharma better communicate its role to patients?