PRODUCT UPDATE: Nexxus Mobile Intelligence

Communicating with Health care providers – delivering the right message at the right time

Introducing Nexxus Mobile Intelligence (Nexxus MI)

Today’s Health Care Providers (HCPs) are constrained by the demands of increasing regulations and overburdened schedules.

HCPs are faced with a growing amount of updates to medical information, and have difficulty filtering out the most relevant developments. Couple this with the demands of a busy practice, and HCPs have precious little time to research treatments that could benefits individual patients.

So how can life sciences companies better support HCPs in the care of their patients? The answer is by providing the best, most timely and valued information through well designed, meaningful conversations.

Nexxus Mobile Intelligence (Nexxus MI) makes sales interactions a strategic asset by providing unrivaled CRM capabilities and innovative multichannel engagement solutions. With Nexxus MI you can make the most of every conversation by reaching the right customers across their preferred channels, delivering the right message at the right time.

Video Transcript

1. Finding specialized treatment options for patients who aren’t responding to their medications is a daunting challenge for your customers.

2. And between the overwhelming amount of medical information available and the demands of a flourishing practice, they have precious little time to research treatments that their patients need.

3. Nexxus Mobile Intelligence puts you in front of your best customers,

4. By giving you insights to the information they need most, in one single platform.

5. So that you can make the most of every conversation.

6. And you can deliver information through your customers preferred communication channels,

7. On multiple devices, anytime, anywhere whether you’re online or offline.

8. Now that you have the tools to provide your customers with the valued information they need,

9. You’re creating relationships for the long term by becoming their trusted advisors.

10. And to ensure that information is always up to date, you can connect with the home office to check your progress and make sure you’re meeting your sales goals.

11. So you’re always aligned with your company’s national strategy,

12. Of helping your customers connect patients with the care they deserve.