Five tech companies advancing against cancer

Strides forward in machine intelligence, big data analytics, graphical and computing capabilities are driving the development of new devices for oncology screening, diagnosis and mental wellbeing.

Our technology writer Marco Ricci presents the ideas of five companies leading the next generation of innovation in the complex world of cancer treatment in his feature in pharmaphorum’s Deep Dive: Oncology magazine.

From a virtual reality (VR)-based psychological intervention therapy for people with cancer, using clinical hypnosis, primarily, to an adventure game to improve emotional wellbeing for children undergoing cancer treatment in hospital, there are exciting developments to support patients.

Plus solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) to investigate how tumour cells operate biologically, identifying which signalling pathways and molecules could be targeted with cancer therapies and their combinations, to improve precision treatments.

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Deep Dive: Oncology was published at the beginning of May 2017. Read it here (best viewed in full-screen mode) and sign up to receive your complimentary copy of the upcoming July edition, Deep Dive: Future Pharma, here.