Boosting trial recruitment through patient engagement

Improving clinical trial recruitment has long been a priority for pharma, but despite having a plethora of new innovations at their disposal, along with a sincere commitment to patient centricity, the industry still struggles to get patients engaged with trials.

Working at Syneos Health has allowed Clare Grace, VP site and patient access, Syneos Health Clinical Solutions, and Olivia Hunt, associate director of PR, Syneos Health Commercial Solutions, to get a broad view on what makes for a successful recruitment strategy by bringing together learnings and experience from both sides of the organisation to help inform and engage the patient. We spoke to them to find out where the biggest opportunities lie.

It should be clear to pharma companies by now that there is no silver-bullet solution to trial recruitment difficulties, but Hunt says that one of the most important issues to tackle is awareness of clinical trials – which remains low among the public.


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