Janssen: ‘Open dialogue’ needed with HTAs to improve access

The world of life sciences is changing rapidly, and the traditional ways of assessing drugs may no longer be fit for purpose. Martin Price, vice president of health economics, market access and reimbursement in EMEA for the Janssen pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson, says that the only way forward is for pharma and HTA stakeholders to engage in open dialogue – and the company has started spearheading initiatives to achieve this.

Having worked in the NHS as a hospital pharmacist before moving into market access roles in the pharma industry, Price has seen many changes that have affected the HTA process – and this has only accelerated in recent years.

“The scientific advances we are making today, many of which would have been improbable just a few years ago, are incredible. But they also present challenges to market access.

“Cell and gene therapies involve a one-time dose, which raises questions about how you measure treatment success when it may take some time to observe the long-term benefits, especially in terms of overall survival.”


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