Planning, Executing, and Monitoring: The Three Pillars of an Effective Marketing Campaign


No longer are physicians the sole concern for the life sciences’ sales and marketing function. Today, as a result of increasing regulatory restrictions and a shifting focus on value and outcomes, a number of decision-makers now exist throughout the patient pathway that all require your attention. The days of broad, one-size-fits-all approaches to marketing and engagement are over.

To address these shifts, sales and marketing practices must leverage today’s technology to take a more tailored approach to customer engagement. With a multitude of customer channel preferences and increasing expectations from a widening spectrum of stakeholders, this is no easy feat. Only through establishing clear goals and a personalised, adaptive communications strategy, can you achieve the deep levels of engagement required to set yourself apart from the competition.

“Planning, Executing, and Monitoring: The Three Pillars of an Effective Marketing Campaign” is a new white paper from QuintilesIMS that provides a clear framework for establishing a marketing strategy fit for today’s fast-moving and evolving customer landscape. Taking insights and case-study examples of QuintilesIMS’ own experience in the sales and marketing field, this white paper outlines:

  • The priorities and goals of the key players in the new stakeholder landscape
  • How to segment and target your audience for an effective cross-channel approach to marketing
  • The three key pillars that underpin every successful marketing campaign

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