The latest news, views & analysis of the rapidly evolving field of cancer therapeutics and immuno-therapy. An Immuno-oncology Focus brought to you in conjunction with QuintilesIMS.


Immuno-oncology is a game changer in the war on cancer, and new treatments launched in the last few years are already transforming treatment.

The PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitors are just the tip of the iceberg in terms new ways of harnessing the immune system to help combat cancers.

The next decade will see the pharmaceutical industry and its research partners face challenges in turning a range of promising scientific ideas into safe, effective medicines to extend the lives of cancer patients.

Immuno-Oncology Focus: Clinical Trials is a combination of resources jointly developed by pharmaphorum and Quintiles to explore how these challenges can be met, by drawing on insights from QuintilesIMS’ experts. This includes in-depth discussion of the best new approaches to trial management, processes and technology to help focus decision-making and speed development times.