Metrics to meaning: demonstrating the value of medical communications

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Medical affairs and publications teams are under increasing pressure to demonstrate effectively the success of the medical communications activities they undertake.

Naturally, there are a huge number of metrics that could be used to measure and demonstrate medical communications value. The challenge is to identify, and track, those metrics that really matter, and ensure this information is interpreted effectively.

This pharmaphorum webinar, which was held in partnership with Complete HealthVizion, looked at how to measure medical communications activities, how to continue with what is successful and how to change what isn’t working.

This means identifying what can be measured, both in terms of reach and engagement as well as behavioural impact, deciding what ‘great’ looks like and how best to define success.


Behavioural science and medical communications

Medical communications activities often fail because they are not based on a true understanding of human behaviour and the decision-making drivers and social nuances that underpin it.

So, as part of this digital debate on meaningful metrics, the expert panel also looked at how behavioural science can provide a framework to develop smarter communications and, ultimately, drive better patient outcomes.

In doing so they also discussed the role of behaviour and the implications of this for measuring success.

From metrics to meaning

This Metrics to Meaning webinar took place on Wednesday, 23 January, at 15:00 GMT (10:00 EST) and outlined how to measure the effectiveness of different types of medical communications programmes.

Interacting with the panel will also explained a range of practical approaches to implementing metrics, including:

  • Innovative ways to measure medical communications value and success
  • How to help medical affairs and publications teams demonstrate greater value
  • How to optimise tactical outputs year on year
  • The importance of demonstrating and measuring behavioural change

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Our senior panel included:

Scott McGregor, Associate Director of External Scientific Communications, Allergan

Scott McGregor is currently in the role of Associate Director of External Scientific Communications (Gastroenterology and Hepatology) at Allergan driving strategic planning and execution of these therapeutic areas.  Scott received his Ph.D. and M.S. in Clinical Psychology from Jackson State University and University of Central Florida, respectively. Scott previously worked in a similar role at Eli Lilly where he worked for 14 years.  Over that 14 years, Scott held roles with increasing responsibility and scope within the publications and communications realm for multiple Neuroscience and Men’s Health compounds encompassing 23 compound plans in all.

Lynda Chang, BSc, PhD, Scientific Director, Complete HealthVizion

Lynda has over 11 years’ experience in medical communication as well as 7 years’ experience in academic research.

During that time Lynda has developed extensive experience in leading communications tactics, including driving delivery of publications, medical education programmes, and affiliate programmes.  Lynda has applied her scientific leadership across many therapeutic areas, including oncology, respiratory, rheumatology, immunology, infectious diseases, transplantation, nephrology, and psychiatry

David Pearce, Commercial Director, Complete HealthVizion

David has worked in medical communications for 14 years, leading medical affairs and marketing programmes on behalf of a range of big pharma and small biotech companies, across a wide range of therapy areas. During this time David’s focus has been on creating meaningful communications that have impact: seeking to use the most appropriate analytics and feedback mechanisms to measure usage or uptake, and ultimately to ensure the desired behaviour change is achieved in the target audience.

Dominic Tyer pharmaphorumDominic Tyer, Creative Director, pharmaphorum (moderator)

Dominic Tyer is a trained journalist and editor with 19 years of pharmaceutical and healthcare publishing experience. He serves as a contributing editor at pharmaphorum media, which facilitates productive engagement for pharma, bringing healthcare together to drive medical innovation. He is also creative director at the company’s specialist healthcare content consultancy, pharmaphorum connect.



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