How Will Spark’s Approval Impact the Gene Therapy Field?

The closing weeks of 2017 marked a historic approval for Spark Therapeutics and a watershed moment for the reinvigorated gene therapy field. This first will undoubtedly not be the last time that gene therapies have a huge impact on rare disease sufferers.

Along with Spark, I have worked closely with industry trailblazers from Bluebird, GSK and Pfizer to identify the most critical hurdles that must be overcome to deliver these therapeutics to market.

Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders 2018 is the conference that has emerged from these discussions. Dedicated solely to tackling late-stage regulatory, reimbursement, clinical and manufacturing challenges, this conference is your comprehensive guide to gene therapy commercialization.

Agenda highlights include:

  • Spark Therapeutics have built on decades of academic progress to reach the cusp of approval, allowing you to benchmark against the unprecedented standards being established 
  • Pfizer are establishing scalable and robust manufacturing platforms, enabling you to understand the key constituents of long-term commercial scale gene therapy manufacturing
  • GSK and Agilis review the pricing and reimbursement of gene therapy products, highlighting the key factors that will shape future reimbursement strategies
  • REGENXBIO and Shire are pioneering the next generation of vector technologies, demonstrating the future potential of these therapeutics
  • NORD are gathering vital information on patient misconceptions and FAQs, allowing you to tailor trials to the exact needs of patients

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With spaces filling fast, it’s crunch time to decide whether you are going to be among the 200+ gene therapy leaders sharing comprehensive insights into the cutting edge progress of gene therapies combatting rare disease.

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