J+D partners with Epiphany

J+D have brought several innovations to market this year including Online Training, theHub, and FC+ software. Onco+ is the very latest innovation from the Pharma Forecasting Company, established over 10 years ago.

Onco+, part of the FC+ portfolio has been created to help clients build their own patient flow models as confidently and independently as possible. Onco+ is a specialist tool that can model the opportunity in any type of cancer. Onco+, an Excel add-in software helps the creator consider all the complexities within Oncology from stage/line and product/regimen, length of therapy, wastage and more.

Epiphany Partners Inc. have been established for many years and have a strong heritage in Oncology. They are a leading cancer analytics company with strong cancer epidemiology expertise and detailed Oncology experience. They are believed to be the premier data provider for Oncology in the world.

David James, J+D CEO, “this is a strategic partnership which we believe will be not only useful but important for pharma clients in Oncology. The Oncology market place is complex and changing rapidly and pipeline is significant, plus training in Oncology Forecasting is quite limited. Therefore, having a very experienced Oncology data provider working in partnership with an experienced Oncology forecasting company will bring data and forecasting models to life.”

Maiko Midena, J+D Forecasting Director: “Clearly the synergy between Epiphany and J+D is beneficial to clients. Both aspects will help clients meet their requirements quicker, more reliably and with the required support. We are the only partnership that can offer this in Oncology Forecasting.”


Contact: info@jdforecasting.com for further information