Pharma Forecasting

J+D Forecasting, known as the experts in pharmaceutical forecasting, has today announced the launch of EpiCube; the latest addition to its comprehensive suite of pharmaceutical forecasting products.

Unlike most standard epidemiological databases available, EpiCube is the first database where the user can choose how to build their own data set; be that by country, disease, or a specific attribute such as a bio marker.

Using Microsoft’s latest technology, data can be interrogated, analysed, and shared. Underpinned by J+D’s forecasting expertise, EpiCube aligns to pharmaceutical forecasting structures and helps pharmaceutical companies explore risk factors and underlying causes affecting the size of the patient pool for their new and existing products.

EpiCube is an epidemiology database for multiple therapy areas, including Oncology, multiple diseases, attributes, countries, age groups and genders. There are over 9,500 sub-groups and over 200 diseases across 50 countries. Click here for more information: https://jdforecasting.com/software/epicube/

David James, CEO, J+D Forecasting:

“We have developed EpiCube to help clients understand diseases better, so they have more time to think. To think about the forecast, to look at the assumptions, to test hypotheses better and to spend the time creating a good forecast.

We want to help pharmaceutical companies create maximum shareable insights in their forecasting approach, speed it up, visualise insights instantly and focus on what really matters.”