J+D Forecasting - Forecasting in Oncology Online Training

Pharma Forecasting

We developed the Oncology Forecasting course for anyone who plays a role in the forecasting process, where the forecast is focused on Oncology or other progressive diseases.

This course builds upon the best practice forecast principles covered in our Fundamentals of Forecasting training course, delving more in depth in the areas specific to Oncology. We would encourage you to enrol on the Fundamentals course first to ensure a comprehensive understanding of these key principles.

Key Oncology topics covered in this training include:

  • How Oncology forecasts differ to other forecasts
  • Why a patient flow methodology is more appropriate
  • Key Terminology used in Oncology and Oncology Forecasting
  • How to include Oncology specific considerations such as: biomarkers and patient-specific therapies, product restrictions, length of therapy, progression through lines/stages, weight/BSA based conversion, product vs regimens and much more
  • When a cross-sectional methodology may be applicable

For a free trial of our training or further information get in touch: info@jdforecasting.com or call +44 (0)161 485 8025