Interview with AstraZeneca’s Former VP, Medical Evidence

Ahead of the 7th Annual IMPACCT: Real World Evidence, Sandy Leonard, former VP, Medical Evidence & Observational Research at AstraZeneca has taken some time to let us know her thoughts on what the key challenges in implementing a meaningful evidence generation plan are and how RWE approaches can promote patient facing outcomes in clinical and commercial stages.

Here’s a snapshot of the exclusive interview (view the full interview here):

  1. What is the biggest challenge currently faced by drug developers to utilize RWD to its full potential across the product life cycle?

The biggest challenge is balancing the demands of clinical, payer, medical and patient evidence needs and agreeing on the right approach to deliver that evidence – often that is using RWD and RWE.

Every company and product team need to make choices regarding where to invest evidence dollars and how to manage risk in the development plan. When RWE is built into the evidence plan and investment is made early enough…

How can RWE approaches promote patient-facing outcomes in clinical and commercial stages?

RWE can promote better patient outcomes by making clinical trials better for patients, minimizing the burden of future data collection, and incorporating the patient experience.

By leveraging RWD and RWE, we can better understand how and where patients actually receive care. This can then inform how we design clinical trials, where we place clinical trials and ultimately accelerate the identification and recruitment of patients…

  1. What should be the top focus when defining and establishing a meaningful evidence generation plan to effectively support the bringing of new therapeutic options to market?

Full cross functional engagement is critical to establish an evidence plan that will meet the strategic needs and be operational.

By bringing together clinical, medical, payer and patient-focused teams, a full assessment can be done to identify what the key questions are that need to be answered…

  1. What are you most looking forward to at this year’s IMPACCT: Real World Evidence meeting?

The field of big data, advanced analytics, innovative technology and methods is evolving every day. I am excited to hear how different companies, life science, technology, and service partners, are leveraging the potential of real-world data and real-world evidence…

Sandy is joining an expert speaker faculty at the 7th Annual IMPACCT: Real World Evidence in Boston this September 18 – 19. Join us to support and advance the generation and utilization of real world evidence across drug life cycle, from clinical R&D to commercialization.

Read the full interview here.