6 Ways To Finally Drug RAS Oncogenes

Following Amgen and Mirati Therapeutics’ recent clinical progressions, often viewed as the most promising breakthroughs targeting the cancer “master switch’, a tremendous amount of interest and investment has flooded the field of RAS- targeted drug discovery.

But as you know, Amgen and Mirati are not the only ones in hot pursuit. At the 1st RAS- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit Europe, 23 other leading organisations will demonstrate how they are advancing the field to develop selective and effective anti-RAS therapeutics.

Access the official agenda for a list of speakers and their case studies.

Discover solution based case studies from genuine KOLs accelerating next generation anti-RAS therapies into the clinic:

  • Boehringer Ingelheim: Hear from Senior VP & Research Site Head on their systematic approach to discovering drugs for all KRAS mutants
  • Carmot Therapeutics: Their CEO will present on how Chemotype Evolution (CE) has enabled novel covalent KRAS G12C inhibitors discovery
  • PhoreMost: Find out how their PROTEINi platform provides key pharmacophoric information about how to drug novel RAS vulnerabilities
  • Oblique Therapeutics: Their Senior VP will showcase a unique approach to generation and characterisation of antibodies targeting mutant KRAS proteins
  • Allinky Biopharma: Discover their approach to designing small molecule allosteric inhibitors of KRAS using in silico models
  • Bayer: Learn about their new approach to target KRAS using a combination of high-throughput and fragment screening tools

At the 1st RAS- Targeted Drug Discovery Summit, the industry is coming together to translate pioneering RAS biology and drug discovery into successful clinical candidates. If you are in hot pursuit of KRAS G12C, don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear first-hand on the challenges and strategies of the field, and ensure your research stays ahead of the curve.

Register quoting VIP Code 16119PHP to save 10% off your ticket. Visit the website to see all pricing information, discounts and early booking deadlines: https://ter.li/wp9sg0