5th Annual Chief Medical Officer Summit Announced by The Conference Forum

The Conference Forum has announced the launch of the 5th Annual Chief Medical Officer Summit (CMO Summit) to be held on May 10-11, 2017, at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston, MA. The CMO Summit is the only emerging biotech event in the country specifically for Chief Medical Officer peer-to-peer learning, benchmarking and support.

“The Chief Medical Officer faces a unique set of challenges at small and emerging biotechs, often with limited resources,” explains Jennifer Moran, Producer at The Conference Forum. “The CMO Summit addresses the particular struggles of this role–which can be an isolated one, with all the responsibility for driving clinical development and CRO management while meeting the needs of investors. We recognized early-on the need for an event that brought CMOs together to start building a network of support.”

Program leadership for 2017 includes Chair Dr David Valacer, CMO at Molecular Templates; Bob Coughlin, President and CEO at MassBio; Travis McCready, President and CEO at Massachusetts Life Sciences Center; Kees Been, Founder, President and CEO at Lysosomal Therapeutics; Dr Michael Rosenblatt, CMO at Flagship Pioneering; Ken Getz, Tufts CSDD; Vikas Goyal, Senior Associate at SR One; and Alex Zisson, Managing Director at H.I.G. Capital.

2017 Keynotes Announced:
2017 Keynote, Dr Rosenblatt, a former Merck CMO, will share his observations on career path decision-making and will compare the experiences and lessons learned from being the CMO on the drug development versus the biotech investor sides of the industry.

Mr Been is also keynoting with an address on the critical stages in the growth of a biotech start-up. As the current CEO at Lysosomal Therapeutics and the former CEO of EnVivo, Mr Been offers valuable insights into what it takes to meaningfully advance through the stages of the biotech lifecycle.

Returning to the program by popular demand, Mr Getz will present his annual keynote on the Impact of M&A on Drug Development Performance and Collaborations.

Political Impact on Biotech Address:
Mr Coughlin and Mr McCready will deliver the Impact of Current Politics and Policy on Biotech R&D. As the leaders of two organizations that advocate for the growth and success of biotech, they are up-to-date and mindful of outside influences on the sector. They will strategize and offer advice on: Whether the 21st Century Cures Act is more hype than reality? What does the change in administration mean for biotech? What should CMOs be thinking about and acting on in 2017?

About the Chief Medical Officer Summit:
The CMO Summit is dedicated to accomplishing two goals:
To bring together CMO and R&D leadership from emerging biotechs to address the unique challenges in directing all R&D functions with limited resources, while raising capital and strategizing for appropriate exits.
To create a network of CMOs and R&D Leadership from small to mid-size life science companies to benchmark, share ideas, solutions and support. Learn more about the Chief Medical Officer Summit.

About the Conference Forum:
The Conference Forum is a research firm and develops specialized events for professionals in the life science and healthcare industries. The company currently offers conferences for R&D leaders, clinical development professionals, biotech executives, VCs, drug delivery specialists, patient advocates and non-profit/government healthcare groups. The Conference Forum’s mission is to create the best content, facilitate the exchange of ideas and provide quality networking to help move therapeutics to patients faster. Learn more about The Conference Forum.