3 Considerations for Pharma Brand Strategy Success

Change is coming in the digital marketing world whether you’re ready or not. New challenges are presented for marketers as privacy measures tighten and we say goodbye to cookies, yet this impending farewell also presents an invaluable opportunity to rejuvenate your pharma brand strategy.

As healthcare marketers prepare for the switch to flip, one thing is certain – it’s more important than ever to meet people living with chronic conditions where they are. Identifying transparent, meaningful ways to engage with the people who benefit most from your products and treatments will be crucial to your future success in the changing digital landscape.

But where to begin? Which solutions will yield the best results? As your brand team navigates the best ways to make a meaningful impact on the right people, there are three considerations to keep in mind when it comes to the success of your strategy.

Contextual relevance is key.

Results from a 2020 study found that ads with the most contextual relevance elicited 43% more neural engagement and 2.2 times better ad recall; for pharma and healthcare marketers, the question then becomes: what types of content are most important to the people I’m trying to reach?


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